Summary of Facts: While driving to drop her friend off late one night on the campus of UMass-Boston, our client was stopped by the UMass-Boston police. The police approached our client’s car and began to question our client. The officers claimed that our client exhibited the usual signs of intoxication: strong odor of alcohol and glassy red eyes. The police ordered our client out of the car, forced her to do field sobriety tests, and then arrested her. The officers asserted our client was combative and uncooperative.

Action: Detecting the unlawful nature of the officers’ conduct, Attorney Coughlin filed a motion to suppress evidence obtained by unconstitutional means. At the motion to suppress hearing, Attorney Coughlin obtained testimony from the officers on cross-examination that supported his legal arguments that the police acted improperly when interrogating her and ordering her out of car.

Result: The Court agreed with our motion and suppressed all evidence related to the officers’ ordering our client out of the car without justification and the police’s unlawful interrogation of our client. Without this critical evidence, the government dismissed the case against our client. This spared our client the risk of a criminal conviction.