Summary of Facts: Our client (a physician) and her spouse became involved in a verbal and physical altercation in their home. Both parties suffered minor injuries and the police were called. After speaking with both our client and her spouse, the police claimed that our client was the instigator and charged her with assault and battery on a domestic partner and assault with a dangerous weapon.

Action: Attorney Ciraulo worked with our client to craft a defense based on certain privileges belonging to our client and her spouse. Once advised by Attorney Ciraulo, our client and her spouse implemented this strategy and Attorney Ciraulo negotiated with the assistant district attorney to have the charges dismissed against our client.  After achieving this outcome, Attorney Ciraulo met with the police sergeant and the clerk magistrate, explained the nature and circumstances of the case, and argued that the charges against our client’s spouse should be dismissed as well.

Result: As the result of Attorney Ciraulo’s strategy, all charges against our client and her spouse were dismissed. This spared our client and her spouse, both medical professionals, the disastrous consequences that a criminal charge or conviction can have on one’s professional life.