Summary of Facts: Our client was allegedly observed driving twice the speed limit on a major thoroughfare in Boston. The police pulled our client over and claimed to smell alcohol on our client’s breath. Our client admitted to the trooper that he had been drinking earlier in the evening. The trooper ordered our client to perform field sobriety tests and our client complied and passed two out of three. Our client was cited for multiple traffic violations and criminally charged with negligent operation of a motor vehicle.

Action: Attorney Coughlin continued our client’s arraignment, which allowed him to engage in negotiation with the assistant district attorney to obtain the optimal result for our client.

Result: Attorney Coughlin persuaded the assistant district attorney to dismiss the criminal charge against our client prior to our client’s arraignment. Our client was found not responsible for the motor vehicle infractions. Because the case was dismissed prior to arraignment, our client avoided the creation of a criminal record.