Summary of Facts: Our client, who works in the health care industry, was involved in a physical altercation in the parking lot of a MBTA commuter rail station. He had just dropped his wife off at the station and was accused of initiating conflict with another commuter waiting for the train. What started out as a verbal argument quickly turned into a physical one. The police were called and when they arrived they interviewed both parties involved as well as other commuter witnesses. The investigation implicated our client as the aggressor. The police sought a criminal complaint against him. The other party involved in the fight was not charged.

Action: Despite the fact our client had a prior record for similar behavior, Attorney Coughlin implemented a defense strategy aimed at preventing the complaint from issuing and keeping our clients criminal record free from any additional entries. Attorney Coughlin worked with the parties involved, including the alleged victim, independent witnesses and the police, to try and reach an amicable result that was optimal for the client. Through persuasive but tactful arguments and last minute negotiations, Attorney Coughlin was able to obtain a complete dismissal of the charges at the clerk magistrate’s hearing. Our client’s record, and job, was preserved.

Results: Case Dismissed at the Clerk Magistrate’s Hearing