Summary of Facts: Police were called regarding a domestic disturbance at our client’s (a marketing professional) house. The police found a chaotic scene in which multiple family member’s described a physical altercation that just occurred. Some of the individuals had visible injuries and everyone was emotionally upset. It was reported to the police that our client hit another household member with a large household item. Our client was arrested for Assault and Battery on a Household Member and Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon.

Action: Our client hired Attorney Ciraulo after her arraignment to represent her in this criminal case. After speaking with our client and other witnesses, Attorney Ciraulo created a defense strategy and negotiated with the Assistant District Attorney handling the case.

Result: Due to Attorney Ciraulo’s tactful negotiations, the Assistant District Attorney agreed to dismiss the case against our client. Dismissal of the charges saved our client from a criminal conviction that would have had disastrous consequences for her business career.