Summary of Facts: After first hiring a lawyer who was unable to get the outcome our client needed, our client hired Attorney Coughlin to take over the matter. In this case, the victim reported to the police that someone had posted insulting and derogatory blog posts on the Internet about her. The victim told police that she had a restraining order against our client and that she believed our client was the person responsible for the blog posts. Our client was later arrested and charged with criminal harassment. The first attorney had filed a motion to dismiss that was denied by the court.

Action: Despite the inability of our client’s first lawyer to get the case dismissed, Attorney Coughlin picked apart the lack of evidence against our client and filed his own motion to dismiss. Attorney Coughlin argued to the Court that there was not enough evidence to establish probable cause for the charge against our client.

Result: The Court agreed with Attorney Coughlin’s argument and dismissed the case against our client.