Summary of Facts: Our client was charged with drug possession and trespassing. Boston Police observed him in an alleyway that was believed to be a high drug area and was marked with “no trespassing” signs. The police approached and arrested our client for trespass. Shortly after arresting him, the police patted our client down and discovered illegal drugs. Our client was charged with drug possession and trespassing.

Action: Attorney Coughlin investigated the scene to determine the validity of the trespass charge. Upon reviewing further evidence and police reports, Attorney Coughlin litigated a motion to suppress challenging the constitutionality of the police’s conduct. After further negotiation with the government, Attorney Coughlin was able to secure an agreement where the charges would be dismissed in exchange for our client’s performing a few hours of community service.

Result: Because of Attorney Coughlin’s challenging of the government’s case and his tactful negotiations, the drug possession and trespass charges against our client were dismissed by the Commonwealth after our client performed community service. This outcome spared our client the possibility of facing jail time.