Summary of Facts: Our client was facing gun charges. He was pulled over after police received numerous reports of shots fired in downtown Boston. 911 callers were only able to provide police with a vague description of the suspects. Once stopped, the police order our client out of the car and handcuffed him. After a questionable identification procedure with two supposed eyewitnesses, the police arrested our client and the other persons in the car. The police searched the car and found ammunition in the backseat. Our client was charged with multiple firearms offenses as well as assault with a dangerous weapon.

Action: Attorney Coughlin challenged the constitutionality of the police’s conduct on multiple fronts. After litigating one motion to suppress on the legality of the stop and having filed another concerning the police’s identification procedure, Attorney Coughlin’s pre-trial motions highlighted weaknesses in the government’s case. Attorney Coughlin then brought in a firearms expert to consult on the case as he continued to challenge the government’s theory of the matter.

Result: After extensive pre-trial litigation and tactful negotiation with the prosecution, Attorney Coughlin’s efforts ultimately led the assistant district attorney to dismiss the case against our client. This result spared our client a sentence of at least 18 months jail time and the catastrophic consequences a conviction would have created for his educational and professional future.