Summary of Facts: Our client was observed by a civilian witness striking an alleged victim on the side of the street, and then returning to their vehicle. The police were called and given the vehicle’s plate number. Police Officers interviewed the witnesses, and located our client’s vehicle as it was in the driveway of our client’s house. Both our client and the alleged victim were interviewed. Both our client and the alleged victim indicated that there had been a verbal, and then physical, altercation between them. Our client was arrested and charged with assault and battery on a domestic or household member.

Action: Coughlin Law Group was hired to defend our client. After litigating a motion to suppress and other pre-trial matters, Attorney Christopher Coughlin discovered that our client was eligible for VALOR Act diversion. Our client received approval for a program by the Department of Veterans Affairs (“VA”). Once the program was complete, and notwithstanding the fact that our client was charged with a subsequent crime while he was undergoing treatment, Attorney Coughlin and Attorney Alexander Conley successfully argued that the case should be dismissed.

Result: The charges against our client were dismissed, and our veteran client was the beneficiary of the services provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs.