Summary of Facts: Our client’s sibling called 911 to report that our client was making threats while brandishing a firearm. Police officers quickly arrived on the scene, and allegedly seized a firearm and ammunition from our client. The seized firearm was an old family heirloom. Our client was arrested and charged with carrying a firearm without a license and possession of ammunition without an FID card.

Action: Coughlin Law Group, through Senior Counsel Jon Ciraulo, was hired to represent our client. Upon learning that our client had previously served in the United States Navy, our firm advocated that our client be recommended for VALOR Act diversion. Although the VALOR Act motion was initially denied, Attorney Christopher Coughlin successfully worked with our client, the Department of Veterans Affairs (“VA”), and the Court, to again recommend VALOR Act diversion. The VA ultimately accepted our client into its diversion program, and after a providing sufficient evidence to the Court, Attorney Alexander Conley argued that the case should be dismissed due to our client’s successful completion of a plan devised by the VA. The Court was ultimately persuaded to dismiss the case.

Result: Our client’s charges were dismissed, and our client was able to successfully get assistance from the Department of Veterans Affairs.