Summary of Facts: Our client was involved in a minor motor vehicle accident while driving through New Hampshire on the way to Massachusetts. When police arrived on the scene, our client was given a number of Field Sobriety Tests, which our client did not complete to the satisfaction of the officer. Our client was then arrested, and given a breathalyzer test. Our client failed the breathalyzer test, recording a score of .09%. Our client was subsequently charged with DWI.

Action: Attorney Christopher Coughlin was hired to represent our client. Attorney Coughlin spoke at length to the State Prosecutor about our client, including the fact our client was a veteran, was suffering from cancer, and had a breath test score just barely above the legal limit. Prior to scheduling the case for trial, Attorney Coughlin expertly negotiated an agreement so that the DWI charged would be dismissed, and our client would plead guilty to the far less serious offense of Reckless Operation. The judge accepted this recommendation.

Result: The DWI charge against our client was voluntarily dismissed by the prosecutor. Our client instead admitted to Reckless Operation, saving our client from the harsh immediate and future consequences of a DWI conviction.