Summary of Facts: Our client was pulled over by a Massachusetts State Trooper for travelling 90 M.P.H. in 65 M.P.H. zone. After a brief encounter between our client and the trooper, it was discovered that our client had inadvertently let her driver’s license expire. The officer issued a citation. Subsequently, our client was given a notice to appear for a Magistrate’s hearing, on charges of speeding and unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle.

Action: Attorney Christopher Coughlin was hired to represent our client for the Magistrate’s hearing. He advised our client to renew her driver’s license and to take a driver safety course. Attorney Coughlin was also able to learn from our client some mitigating circumstances that led to her speed, and her failure to renew her driver’s license. At the Magistrate’s hearing, Attorney Coughlin advocated for dismissal of the charges. Initially the clerk was resistant to dismissing the charge. After additional time, the clerk agreed to dismiss the charges upon the payment of $200 in court costs.

Result: The charges against our client were dismissed prior to the issuance of a complaint. Having disposed of the matter at the clerk magistrate level, our client was spared a criminal record, and other potential collateral consequences that would have stemmed from a finding against her.