Robbery and Armed Robbery

Robbery is a serious crime punishable by severe criminal penalties. In Massachusetts, a person convicted for unarmed robbery may be punished by imprisonment in state prison for life or for any term of years. A second conviction carries a mandatory minimum sentence of two years imprisonment (G.L. c. 265, §19). A conviction for armed robbery carries a mandatory minimum prison sentence of five years for a first offense if the offender is masked or disguised (G.L. c. 265, §17).

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An experienced criminal defense attorney at our firm can ensure that you receive a vigorous defense. Robbery charges are very serious, but they can be difficult to prove. While liquor stores, restaurants, convenience stores and most other businesses now have security cameras, the video footage from such cameras is often so poor that is does not provide the prosecution with a positive identification.

The prosecution’s case may rely entirely on eye-witness testimony and/or circumstantial evidence. Through discovery, an experienced criminal defense attorney at our firm can ascertain the evidence the prosecution has at their disposal. If retained as your counsel, we will help you understand your charges, advise you about your options, negotiate with the prosecution on your behalf, and aggressively defend your rights at trial if necessary.

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