Motor Vehicle Homicide while DUI in Boston

Pursuing Justice for People Charged With Motor Vehicle Homicide

If you are responsible for the death of someone while driving a car, get the strong defense you need at the Coughlin Law Group. Motor vehicle homicide is a very serious charge, one that will result in mandatory jail time if you are convicted.  Do not take chances with your rights and freedom.

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A Strong Defense Against All Types of Motor Vehicle Homicide

Massachusetts categorizes motor vehicle homicide (also called vehicular homicide) into three categories: motor vehicle homicide OUI, motor vehicle homicide negligence, and motor vehicle homicide OUI and negligence. Each category carries with it a different set of legal consequences. Our familiarity with the law and strong legal background allows us to put together a strong defense tailored to our clients’ specific case.

Experienced Boston Vehicular Manslaughter Lawyers

Our criminal defense team includes a former prosecutor and experienced trial attorneys who know how to put together an effective defense strategy. Should you decide to retain us, we will use our understanding of the law to negotiate with prosecutors for a lesser charge and a minimization of penalties. We always prepare for trial, however, so that we are ready to aggressively represent you in court if that is in your best interests. Our objective is to obtain the best possible outcome in your motor vehicle homicide case.

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To schedule a free consultation with an experienced Boston vehicular homicide attorney at the Coughlin Law Group, call 617-758-8888 or contact our Massachusetts criminal defense firm by e-mail. Our lawyers provide the aggressive representation you need.

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