Far too many people in Massachusetts or throughout the country are not aware of their legal rights when facing arrest. Too many people think they can talk their way out of charges or agree to a quick plea deal to put the matter behind them.

Before long, you are serving a jail sentence and have a criminal record keeping you from finding work and housing. At the Coughlin Law Group PC, we can make sure that you are aware of your legal rights and prevent law enforcement from trampling all over them.

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Remembering your right to remain silent.

When police officers are questioning you about a crime, your only obligation is to provide them with your name and produce identification if necessary. If you are free to leave, consider leaving. If you are under arrest and cannot leave, tell them that you want an attorney present before answering any questions.

You do not have to consent to a search without a warrant.

If police show up at your door and ask to come inside, ask to see a warrant first. If they do not have one, call your lawyer immediately. We can guard against illegal search and seizure.

Do not accept a plea deal without first talking to an attorney.

A prosecutor may try to entice you with a plea deal in an effort to move on. You should never accept anything without first having your own criminal defense attorney examine your case and determine what are the best options for protecting your freedom and best interests. We will not hesitate to take your case to trial if we think the result will be in your favor.

Do not discuss your case with anyone except your lawyer.

In some criminal investigations, law enforcement will attempt to use your friends or relatives to get you to talk about the case. You may end up saying something that can later be used against you. If you only discuss your case with your attorney, you will be protecting yourself from making any unnecessary errors.

It is crucial that you remember these key instructions when you are dealing with criminal charges. It could mean the difference in how your case is ultimately resolved. To learn more, contact the Coughlin Law Group 24 hours a day by calling 617-758-8888.