Brockton: Carrying a Firearm (DISMISSED – VALOR ACT)

Summary of Facts: Our client’s sibling called 911 to report that our client was making threats while brandishing a firearm. Police officers quickly arrived on the scene, and allegedly seized a firearm and ammunition from our client. The seized firearm was an old family heirloom. Our client was arrested and charged with carrying a firearm without a license and possession of ammunition without an FID card. Action: Coughlin Law Group, through Senior Counsel Jon Ciraulo, was hired to represent our client. Upon learning that our client had previously served in the United States…Read more

Roxbury: Assault with a Dangerous Weapon (DISMISSED)

Summary of Facts: Our client was reported by a 911 caller to have been threatening his father-in-law with a knife, while in their shared building. When the police arrived, our client was found in his room, sitting on his couch. He was then arrested and charged with assault with a dangerous weapon. Action: Attorney Christopher Coughlin represented our client. Attorney Coughlin filed various pre-trial motions including a motion to suppress the knife discovered at the scene. At the trial date, the Commonwealth failed to bring all the witnesses necessary to prove the charge…Read more