Barnstable: Unlawful Possession of Firearm: Motion to Suppress Allowed and Case Dismissed

Summary of Facts: While investigating a different matter in an apartment complex, police officers claimed to have observed our client engaging in suspicious activity in his home. The police went to the front door and asked for permission to come inside. A separate household member allowed the officers to enter the home. The officers learned that our client had placed something in his closet and proceeded to search his bedroom. The police found a handgun and arrested our client. Action: Once retained as counsel, Attorney Coughlin reviewed the case and filed a motion to…Read more

Barnstable: Gun Charges and Assault with a Dangerous Weapon: Motion to Suppress Allowed and Case Dismissed

Summary of Facts: Barnstable police received reports of shots fired and individuals fleeing in different directions. When officers arrived on the scene, the police observed our client and other people running and get into a car. The police stopped the car, pulled everyone out, and placed them into separate cruisers. After searching the car, the police found ammunition. Officers then searched the surrounding area and found a shotgun. Other searches near the reported shooting turned up a spent shotgun shell that matched the ammunition in the car. Action: Attorney Coughlin was appointed to…Read more