Concord: Domestic Assault (DISMISSED)

Summary of Facts: Officers responded to our client’s home for reports of a domestic disturbance. Our client’s spouse informed the officers who responded that our client had made a violent threat with a chair. Our client was also interviewed, and denied having done this. Nonetheless, our client was arrested and charged with assault. Action: Coughlin Law Group was hired to defend to our client against this charge, as well as in a restraining order filed by our client’s spouse. Prior to the first hearing, and after tempers had calmed down, Attorney Christopher Coughlin…Read more

Newton: Domestic Assault (DISMISSED – VALOR ACT)

Summary of Facts: Our client was observed by a civilian witness striking an alleged victim on the side of the street, and then returning to their vehicle. The police were called and given the vehicle's plate number. Police Officers interviewed the witnesses, and located our client’s vehicle as it was in the driveway of our client’s house. Both our client and the alleged victim were interviewed. Both our client and the alleged victim indicated that there had been a verbal, and then physical, altercation between them. Our client was arrested and charged with…Read more